28 January 2013

Social Media.

So I opened up the food blog and saw that we have past 20,000 viewers! And we're just days away from the first date ever since we started it. A W E S O M E.

I have to say that the experience of food blogging is one of a kind. It's pretty fun but there are also days when you just want to eat and relax the minute you reach a new place. But no, being one you'll have to take pictures and stuff like that. It's not that it's so annoying that it's a drag. It's not. It's okay for us cos there's two of us doing it. For other food bloggers who goes solo, *salutes*. I don't know where you find your hardworking-ness! :)

Anyways, I did not access into any social media in the weekends because I was away in an encounter weekend with the Big Man. Boy, was it great! And last night a friend popped the question if we can survive not using social media for a week. And without having to think so long, I nodded. I think it's because of the encounter weekend. If not, I would have answered no. 

So yay to me for not being a socialmediaaddict. Haha. 

Last day of my long holiday is about to end. So sad. Gotta start working tomorrow. WHY SO FAST?

Can't wait for Chinese New Year to come. I have missed that time of the season for so long.