17 January 2013

Money Issues.


can buy you a house, but not a home.
can buy you a bed, but not a good sleep.
can buy you a clock. but not time.
can buy you a position, but not respect.
can buy you blood, but not life.
can buy you food, but not a good appetite.
can buy you insurance, but not safety.
can buy you a car, but not safe journey.

Money, in fact isn't the ultimate goal in life. It should not and must never be. Money isn't everything.

Of course money makes most things in life more comfortable. So, I heard one of the famous saying "Would you prefer crying in a Kancil or a Ferrari?" My thought is that, when you are already crying, would it matter what car you're in? Not for me at least.

Money makes the world goes round. Money separates the rich and the poor in such a sad way. The rich will never be satisfied with whatever amount of gold that they already have and they will dig more and more.

"Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless" (Ecclesiastes 5:10)
Well, I'm not saying that the rich people should stop and not continue to do whatever they are doing. Of course not. It's just rich people face higher chance of getting obsessed with money than poorer people, I would think. They become more critical in being thankful for the little things. Or at least that's what I have been seeing/hearing. Just a thought..

One of the things that I have been really thankful towards God is the fact that I was not born with a silver spoon. And I was raised knowing and believing that money isn't everything. I grew up believing that money must not be an issue that separates people. And I'm thankful that I became a person who is easily contented with whatever God has given to me so far.

Nick Vujicic said "You can either be angry because of the things you don't have or be happy of the things you have". Two choices. And I chose the latter one. It's not difficult, really. It's a choice that everyone (at one point of your life) had to choose.

I could be upset that I still don't have my own car, or a house (now that I'm 2X.. Okay, nvm..) or pay for a good holiday for both my parents, bring my grandma to China etc. But right now at this point of my life, I am thankful for all that I have. I have a mother that shares her car with me. At times, she rather walked to Kelly's school under the hot sun so that I could use the car to work. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for a father that supports me in all my decisions. Two sisters that I know at anytime when I needed them, they would drop all their issues and run to me. A brother in law who ever-willing to give me a hand in anything. A boyfriend whom never fails to make me smile. Kelly, who makes me see beauty in everything. I am thankful.

"Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have" (Hebrews 13:5)

Then when I first got this job, many people have looked at me in disbelief and they couldn't understand why did I settle for this career when I have more than just that. Of course working in finance related path pays more. No doubt about that. But when I hear all the stories about my collegemates earning a lot, first question that I would like to ask them was "Are you happy with your job? Is it stressful?" Yes, I want to have a stressfree job (and got it) Well, for me, money isn't the ultimate goal. My liking towards the career, my happiness matters more.

On another note, I like the new Ringgits la. I prefer it than the older ones. The colors are like so bright and nice. It's like fake money. Haha. Malaysia is not a perfect country. Nowhere near perfect. But I am thankful that I'm here and not somewhere else. I'm proud to know Bahasa Melayu (it is a foreign language to others). It's like learning French or Japanese and people usually brag about oh how they are loving it and how its a special skill bla bla. Bahasa Melayu IS a special skill also what. It's not like the whole world knows how to speak in it also. So people, be thankful that we know not just English or Mandarin or Hokkien. And also the fact that Malaysia is a summer all year long. Gotta love the sun.

God never make mistakes what right. So, it is the right thing that you and I are born in this country. Let's look at the bright side of Malaysia too :)