14 January 2013

2D1N Kuala Lumpur: HTT's Annual Dinner 2013.

My very first company's annual dinner. 

Because this year they are having it in the HQ, we all get to make a trip down to mad city for 2D1N. Really short getaway but no one's complaining, right. 

So, let's get it started (WARNING: LOADS OF PICTURES AHEAD)

must-have-things-in-long-rides: fav smelly pillow, sweater, toilet paper, shades, socks (yes, i need to cover my feet to not freeze in bus)

the very confy seats we've got to enjoy.

two hours break at One U before proceeding to Sepang Gold Coast (which was like 2 hours away) Hersheys galleria, only in Mad City.

Arrived safely. Got a room all to myself NOT! Haha. Four peeps to one massive room. 

You will know it when Penang lang arrives. Very noisyyy!

Alicia, the person I sit next to in office.

The structure of the whole resort is a palm tree, hence the name of the resort.

The many pathways to the so many rooms that they have. 

View from ze room. The picture just doesn't do the justice la. It's breathtaking. The chalets were literally on the water. Can't see any beach area from my side :)

Door gift that was given :))

What I see from my bed.

More balcony's view.

I opened the closet and saw that the color was pretty so decided to be 'artistic'. Tadaaa, my party dress, necklace and bracelets. So colorful rightt.

The bathroom so huge. 

Dolled up for the event at the beach. 

My roomies, Alicia and Vivian, head of corporate sales.

Goofy-ing around with their props.

Alicia and Malik.

The weather was at its best. Not too sunny, and not too windy (so no hair flying everywhere)

I thought the table set-up was pretty decently classy. Gold always makes thing a lot classier.

The colorful set-up of the canopies. 

With so many guests, around 300, that is one small stage.

Face painting: rose (fav flower)

4 newbies of the company.

Vivian and I.

Food was just alright. Nothing to shout about. I've had better bbqs anytime.

Breakfast was heavenly, especially at this bakery section. I'm not a big fan of flour-y foods but their pastries were WOW. And I had yogurt. You would know if you have followed me on Instagram (which is so weird cos Salaku doesn't touch yogurt)

Breakfast with infinity pool's view. Too bad no time to swim in it. 

Each got an instant photo print-out.

HTT's Corporate Sales Team. Youngest in the team yo :)

Raining when we left. Gonna miss the place. Oh and they have the softest pillows and most comfortable blanket ever. 

Won a travelling bag and sunscreen from Singapore Airlines. Not that bad. Most of the prizes were return air flight tickets to Bangkok, Paris, Hatyai, Jakarta, Korea, Taiwan and any Europe destinations. All fully sponsored by the giant airlines: MAS, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines etc. Good thing I didn't win any of those air tickets. If not, go alone ma very sad. Of course we also have Iphone 5 and Samsung smartphones and Ipads for giveaways. And of course I didn't win any of those. If not, Instagram and Twitter friends sure know d. Haha. 

It was a great bonding time with my fellow HTT-ers. Here's to a good start for the company! :)