21 May 2013

12 Years Relationship.

So, I went to the Shaik's Eye Specialist this morning to FINALLY get my already-swollen-for-4-days-left-eye checked. 

I didn't think that the nurse and the doctor would remember me but they did. The last time I was there was in 2009 for a minor eye surgery and ever since then, my eyes have been so good until today.

They even remembered both my parents. 

After he looked at my eye and scribble some notes on the records, I took it up and looked to the front page. Guess what shocks me?

The fact that my very first visit to this place was 12 years ago. 12 YEARS AGO!! That's like when I was 13 years old. And that was my first minor eye surgery. Can't remember which eye was cut first. And then throughout the years, I had like total of 7 minor surgeries accumulated on both eyes (I think the left eye has gone through more times under the knife than the eye). Not only that, my last visit before this one was dated back in 2009. Crazy man. Crazy to think that this is one place that I often go last time, like it's my "favorite"place to be. Hah. Well, when I have some annoying eye condition, it is definitely my number one place in priority. Go there sure heal eh. And heal very fast sumore :)

Hoping that this infection will heal by Thursday. Wouldn't want to be looking/feeling like this for his family trip this Friday. 

And, I have got two days of medical leave. Yay to a lot of sleep and rest and spending time a home with baby girl. 

On another note, there is absolutely no appetite now. i just drowned my bowl of rice with mom's homemade corn/wintermelon soup. I need/want my appetite back for tonight's dinner date. It's Japanese fine dine tonight yo. Actually I don't know if it's fine dine or not. I think it's not la. Though the menu is quite fancy. And we won't like spend money on fine dining because it's just not our style. Let's hope groupon/livingsocial/mydeals (can't remember where we got it from) doesn't disappoint us. 

Terrific Tuesday to you all :)