10 May 2013

Before and Slightly After.

Just last night I was thinking back on the very reason why I've always wanted to wear braces. I mean, duhh. It's obviously because I feel/know that I don't have a nice straight set of teeth. And one of the very first things that attract my attention towards people/guys is their teeth and lips. I don't know, it sounds crazy but I love looking at guys/girls who wear braces! No kidding. So, of course, I myself want to make sure I am happy with mine, right?

I've always wanted to wear them years ago but I didn't want to do it with my parents' money, so I saved my own moolahs and finally did it. Though in the end, my dad decided to sponsor half of it. Sweet hah?

The process of it till the day they actually put the metals on my tooth one by one was quite a pain. I had to get two healthy teeth removed. that was not the painful part. The waiting time between after two teeth extracted until spending that two hours on the very slanted chair. Now that is a real pain. Glad it's over. The waiting part. No patience girl, me :)

Anyways, I looked back at some photos. Photos that made me so thankful that I did them. Did them braces. So many people told me before that it's fine and it looks good like Koay and my parents and two sisters.

Before we started dating, Koay said, "Babe, your teeth are very nice d. I never noticed that it's not straight also!"
After we started and braces were put on, he looked at me and said. "Wah! Seriously, got a lot of difference wei.."

Things that this boy will say to make you feel better. And then joked about it. He definitely has a very unique way to tell me the truth without hurting this girl :)

So anyway, I just feel like I wanna upload some photos to show you how these teeth have gradually changed over the one year since I started to eat less and suffer in pain. Worth suffering though :)

I do not remember dates very well so yeah. These photos are in order leading to today. Or wait. a few days ago. From having vampire-ish/zombie-ish ugly teeth to having quite a straight one already. I said vampire/zombie because I have been very caught up with this kind of TV series. First, The Walking Dead and now, The Vampire Diaries (which I can't believe that I'm starting to love it). Well, hot guys and drop-dead gorgeous ladies, why not?

Coming back to this. I can't believe my teeth were so UGLY! After months into wearing those metals, the "vampire-ish" teeth that I had become more obvious because they had to pull it down in order to pull back to be aligned with other teeth. So yeah... I would say the ugliest moment for me personally (to appear in photos) is the time when we went to Perhentian Island with a bunch of amazing friends! Perhentian Island is so nice that I don't mind going there again! And this time, for sure I'll snap away and be vain like no one's business! Muahaha.

Now, time to feast your eyes upon the transformation over the one amazing year.

Chapter 327: Braces.