23 May 2013

Thankful Thursday.

So, this week I only work on Monday and the rest of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I'm on medical leave. And tomorrow, holiday. 

It's been quite a while ever since I have so many days of MC and it's not that fun though I know a lot of people will say that "Wah, no need wake up early!" and stuff like that. The thing is I still wake up at the usual time which is 8 every morning! But I still get myself back to the bed as the two eyes need as much rest as it can get. Even blogging and playing Tetris Battle makes it quite painful after a while. Sad heh. But IT IS getting better. Slowly but surely! :)

Not to mention that during these few days, I've lost weight too. No appetite and therefore, didn't eat that much. Even Koay realized that my tummy also smaller d. Hah. Speaking of him, few days ago when I had this eye thing and haven't seen the doc yet, I told him, "Can you just come kiss my eye to make me feel better ah?" and kissed my eyelid he did. Then, when I went to the doctor's, he said that the infection can only be passed through contact and not by just seeing me etc. So, I told Koay and he immediately freaked out. So funnyyy! I quickly prayed for God's protection over him. Phew.. :)

It's sixteen more hours till we hit the mad city again. This time, with his whole entire family :) I've gotta say I'm very excited to be spending the weekend with him and his family, doing fun stuff like going to the zoo and hitting Sunway Lagoon. Can you believe if I told you that I have NEVER been to Sunway Lagoon before? Yeah.. NEVER. Now, it's never too late to go there :) Two eyes of mine, you better be goods.

After this KL trip, it'll be Thailand. Only one day of rest in between. Speaking of that, I haven't even pack for any of these two trips. 

Okay, time to rest my eyes for a while now. 

Have a blessed Thursday, ya'll.