13 May 2013

13 Truths and 5 Lies.

Koay just told me that cockroaches are attracted to sweet things, like honey and banana.

I have a container of uncaramellized popcorn on my table.

And a box of Petron tissue.

I once fell asleep as I was driving along North-South Highway.

S02E04 The Vampire Diaries.

I'm allergic to white tomyam soup.

Got upset and scolded Koay last night over the phone for something he didn't do. Poor boy.

I still have Plants Vs Zombies in my laptop.

I am currently obsessed with Haagen Daaz ice cream.

Mother's Day this year became Grandmother's Day for us.

Sha Lynn is gonna be one month old very soon.

Currently servicing 75 corporates.

I just got rid of my S2.

It's too difficult for us both to keep on a strict healthy diet. Almost impossible.

Elena Gilbert/Katherine Petrova is so beautiful.

Loves buying electrical items.

I hate fishing.

Chewing on my chocolate chip chewy bar now.