19 May 2013

Swollen Sat/Sun.

A weekend with one swollen left eye is no fun at all. It's a struggle to keep the eye open most of the time, but still gotta open the eye what rightt. Hah. And after every few minutes, my vision will be blurred with some watery-pus-thingy. Because I wiped it so often, the skin that surrounds my eye hurts so bad. Appreciate it if you guys could keep me in your prayer :)

Anyways, aside from that, it has been quite a nice Saturday and Sunday (although I woke up at 6am today necause of really bad womb-cramp). It's not like those that I did a lot and stuff like that. It's more of a week where I really rested and spent some nice romantic/playful time with Koay. He bought goldmedalribbon for me just now because I was kinda like craving for it. Heh :)

And now, I'm skipping captain ball because I need to rest again before Sha Lynn's one complete month's dinner tonight. I do really miss playing captain ball, like a lot. 

So now I shall go sleep while waiting for Koay to come home from his futsal session with my brother in law's brother in law :)

Have a great Sunday, ya'll! :)