01 October 2014

2D1N Cameron Highlands.

for Holiday Tours & Travel's Company Trip.
with 1 employer and 24 employees.
on the 27-28 September 2014.

It turned out to be more fun than what I initially expected. I was quite reluctant to go for this trip at first but I'm thankful that I went in the end.

It is a trip that made my whole two years here worthwhile and passed really fast. The one night I had with these bunch of people made me want to stay in this company longer that planned. Not that I have plans to leave the company heh.

Also, this is the company's very first company trip. It's nice to know that I'm one of the people who suggested it, alongside with Jayne.

It feels great! :)

Going to work doesn't seem that bad anymore when now we are all closer with one another.

Thank You God for keeping Your promises.