04 March 2014

Two Capital City.

*discussing the details of the Korea trip*

Me: I'm leaving on Thursday night, but have to be at the airport by 5pm d..

Koay: Ohh.. So nice lehhh.. *sad tone voice*

Me: Mien kesi la you. Abo you take leave also la on Thursday and friday. Since I not around, you sure no mood to work d ma *tak tau malu*

Koay: Ehhh. Good idea wei. Then I go KL few nights, can stay with my sister sumore.

Me: Yeah lo.. Sounds good cos you can teman her go shopping all, or you can go somewhere else la. Backpack solo style.

Koay: Don't want la.. I want KL.. You know why ahh?

Me: Why hahhh?

Koay: Cos you going to the capital of Korea, so I go capital of Malaysia. Like that got good connection.

Me: Wuuut? Like that also can.. HAHAHA!