09 January 2014

The Ugly Truth.

Slowly getting more comfortable with 2014. 

The past few months haven't been easy with so many things on the plate. What makes it even tougher is the boy is still going through his quarter life crisis. What suck about this is that there is not much that I can help him with except to make sure he smiles everyday, whether one time or more. Everyday must at least be silly once to make him smile. I guess it will help him go through it better. I guess. 

I went through it and hated it. I don't think anyone can escape it, I think. However, mine isn't as worse as the boy's. Either that, or he's just really sucked into it and stuff. I don't know.. 

Nine days into it and I can now say that it's going to be a long year. It's going to feel forever to reach to the last month of 2014. Here I am in January, hoping that December is already here. Hmm.

Two nights ago, Koay and I had a long conversation about the now and the future. Boy, its one of those conversations that we enjoy, although there were mini arguments here and there. We did however ended the talk with smiles and hugs :)

It leaves me thinking about how impossible it is for couples to never argue at all. For one person to always give in and thus avoid all arguments, that's impossible. Seriously.

It doesn't matter how similar you both are, you will still argue. Big things or small, sure argue. 

When I look at the both of us, I can safely say that there are more similar things than there are not. We see eye to eye in almost anything, but then sure somewhere got something that we don't. 

We've been friends for about 5 years now. Okay, more like 3 years of great friendship and 2 years of amazing relationship. Even when we were just buddies, we already started arguing on certain things. To the point people used to think that we were a couple or something. 

But no. Not that time. I guess that's kinda the thing that brought us closer and then we became best friends. If we didn't argue 4-5 years ago, I don't think we could ever be best friends like that. 

Come and think about it. How Josh and I became really close at one point from just being childhood buddies was something similar. We started arguing first. Not those couple kind but still, we've had our days of not-talking-to-each-other kind. 

So yeah. 

Healthy arguments bring two people further together, I believe. 

It is always better to talk things out than to keep it in there somewhere.

I don't know why I'm talking about this but I guess, stepping into a new year and going to celebrate our two years together made me realize one important thing. 

It's no secret that I am a bossy person and sometimes I do tend to want things go my way. I'm quite a kiasu person. For years, I have offended people unknowingly and not many people actually dare to come up to me and tell me and guide me (sort of). Very very few actually. Or probably none, if you don't count my family.

And then there's Koay. 

The first person who is not afraid to tell me off when I needed an attitude adjustment. For the first few times, I didn't take it well. I mean, obviously right? 

But over the years as a best friend (even before we have feelings for each other), he never fails to be that one person who constantly became my 'alarm clock'. 'Alarm clock' because everytime I said something that I shouldn't have or how I react to a person/scenario, he will tell me. Of course after we got together, the 'alarm tone' became "I love you babe".

So when he says that to me out of a sudden, I knew I had to re-think of what I did/say. Often I will give my explanation, but it usually smack me back on my own face. Hahaha.

I like how he doesn't care if I was going to get angry or hurt or something, but hey, someone has got to be the one, right. 

Thankful for this strict but sweet angel :)

Okaylah. This could be the post for him for our second year anni coming up so soon :) Lazy to write another post for Koay d. Haha.