02 January 2015

First Friday of 2015.

He leaves the office at 5:30pm. 

He heads over to Subway and buys two Sub of the day, a piece of chocolate chip cookie, and one drink. 

He drives to my house and waits in the car. 

He didn't mind if my meeting was going to be longer and ends later than 6pm. 

He waits a bit more for me to change into comfortable shorts and a t-shirt even though he knows that he's going to be late for his friendly match with the guys from Finland. 

He smiles at me as I enter his white Ferrari and passes me my surprise dinner. 

He stopped at the place where we are going to have our year three dating time. 

He parks the car. 

He joins his team and he plays with his new sports shoes on. 

My first Friday of the year is great!  

I'm thanking God for every moment. 

Blessed beyond words.