23 July 2014

Koay's 24th.

Weeks before his birthday, I had already planned to bring him to Miraku Restaurant at G Hotel where they serve authentic Japanese food (so they said). I wanted to blindfold him and just drive him there, but obviously, that didn't happen.

I kinda was too excited and tongue slipped mentioning the restaurant. So, in the end, I told him and he didn't look as excited as I thought he would be. 

The conclusion is that he didn't want to eat so fancily because it's JUST a birthday. Pfft. See this boy. One whole year, this is the only time can use as a reason to eat fancy food but he doesn't want to. 

So, since he didn't want, I asked him to tell me where he would like to makan and since we couldn't do it on his actual birthday, we did it a day earlier. 

It was already decided that his birthday dinner will be at Mizi. Yes, Mizi New World Park. His most favorite place to have western food. 

Then, Friday came and I asked him again if he's sure he wants to go to Mizi since we can always go to Mizi any other time. Without hesitating, he said, "Let's buka puasa by the beach!"

Now, it's really not a random thing because ever since when we got together as a couple, there is one thing that we do annually.

Buka puasa by the beach at our favorite spot. 

This year would be our third time already. This annual thing is more important than celebrating our anniversary. No kidding. We have the tendency to forget our anniversary date but not this buka puasa thing. Sure won't forget one. 

So, yeah, we went to Tanjung Tokong's Pasar Ramadhan and kept to our budget. This year, I told him I would pay for all since this is his birthday dinner. I love to see him being at Pasar Ramadhan because his face just lights up, especially when he sees trays of kuihs on the table. SERIOUS!

We drove to Tanjung Bungah and walked to our corner. There we set up Kelly's portable table and arrange the food nicely. Take a photo first. Heh. 

It was funny in the beginning because the tides were high that time which was odd btw and we kept worrying that the waves would get to us. We both had that feeling to move the table up the rocky place just in case. Good thing we did because after that the waves came in right to our feet. Haha.

We ate, talked, looked at the sea to see if dolphins jump out of the water (nope, didn't happen!), stared at the rocky areas where the waves kept crashing on to see if got mermaid comes out (obviously not!) and laughed to jokes that aren't even funny.

Then, we headed back home and joined the Sha family for a quick durian feast. Koay's favorite. After that, he wanted to try the nitrogen-made-ice-cream at Safe Room and so we went. So crowded on a Friday night. It was only after one of the Directors found out that we were food-bloggers that she arranged for a table for both of us. More on that at WhatTwoEatHere

We didn't stay long there because it was really noisy. Koay suggested going 'picnic' at Esplanade.

By that, he means to lie down in the middle of the field on a cloth. 


It was calm and cool.

It was probably too quiet and calm. I was quite paranoid in the beginning. Scared people come to attack us then we sure die. 

Oh my. I'm actually scared of being in the middle of the field in Penang at night. Scared of bad people. This is sad.

Anyways, there was another group of family doing the same thing on the other side of the field so I thought it was alright. Another man came to practice his juggling skills, which must be for the Bon Odori event.

He only wanted to stay there for a while, but at that time I thought that it would be perfect if I could get some people to come to surprise him here so I texted some people. I tell you it's so difficult to text at that time because he was just next to me. 

He was starting to get frustrated with me because he wanted to leave already and I kept telling him I want to do his birthday countdown here. Haha. I think he was close to getting mad at me already.

In the end, no one could make it. Too last minute for me also to plan like that. Spontaneous surprise a bit susah la ya. Heh.

Well, it was such a simple night spent with the world's simplest dude. 

Blessed twenty-four, Adrian. My prayer for you is that in every corner of your life, you will always allow Jesus to be the center of it all. That you will see who you are through His eyes and how He has plans for you that you will soon discover.

Thank you for being an angel.