27 July 2013

A Great Friday.

So, today I woke up really early. Earlier than normal working days even. And I did not sleep until it was like about 3 in the noon. 

It was quite a nice slow and easy yet kinda productive day. Went for family lunch and some grocery shopping with grandma. Dinner was simple and easy paced before Young Adults at Hui Jen's. Then, supper at Koay Teow Basah, and ending the day with a quick post and an episode of Lost. 

Baby girl is already asleep on her own bed next to mine. She's been a good girl today when we were out and stuff. 

So yeah, loving the every moment of this public holiday. So gooood that I don't have to wake up so early on a Saturday for the first time after so long :)

Oh, and finally the Floorball League is coming to the end. FINALLY.