10 August 2013

Quick Write.

Finally, I could have some me-time to sit down and do nothing watch tv and blog a little, since the father is futsal-ing with the bangla and his buddies.

The past two days have been busy and packed with fun stuff/outings. Two nights in a row slept at 2-3am! No wonder pimples all are here to visit :)

Not to mention how much I miss the sister and her baby. Gahh. Separation like this is torturing. Two more days and I'm gonna just stay home and play with baby girl.

All wrapped up like a little cute thing! Ishhh. *cubits*

Also, I have been to most, if not all the shopping malls in Penang because Koay wants to get a pair of shades for the upcoming cruise to Singapore and Phuket. 

And he still haven't bought them yet. 

Raya holiday means a lot of makan sessions. We went to a friend's place on Friday, but even in my own house, there's always that holiday mood. Mom's yummy chocolate cake covered with melted-peanut-butter-choc-cream. I don't know what that is really called la. But it's sweet and thumbs up :)

And we have been eating so much lately I have no idea why. So stressful okay. Not only the tummy, but every other area is expanding also. A lot of things doesn't fit anymore. This is really sad. Time to REALLY do something. REALLY!

 Oh, and tonight we got another makan-makan celebration for his mom's early birthday! Eat again. What's new right?

I was sleeping in my room while he left for football, only to find him home after 5 minutes he left my house and talking to my mom outside my room. My door not closed so I can hear them. I didn't bother la. I sleeping so nicely, conquering the whole center part of my bed d whatt. He came in, and lied down at the small side next to me and..

He: Babe..
Me: *mumbles* Hmm..
He: Later we go eat that one la okay?
Me: *no answer* *cos I was waiting for him to say where*
He: Hello? Attitude lo you. People talking to you.
Me: *very softly* You never finish your sentence also.. *I was very sleepy that time*
Me: *straights jumps up and looked at him* SERIOUSLYY!? YAY!!!

Imagine I was so happy to be able to eat fish steamboat that I even agreed to go Paragon after that to continue searching for his shades, but ended up carrying Cotton On's shopping bag home and ALMOST got myself a nice comfy women's coat. CRAZYY. Then, I had four glasses of red wine with his buddies at Precinct 10 till 2am and supper at Jiao Sai. Long night but so good catching up with his friends after so long :)

Alright. Till next time.