26 August 2013

Tumblr Not.

I almost created a Tumblr AGAIN. Wait, not almost. I actually did. 

Just that feeling of needing to do something totally our of the blue and then the next thing I know I was typing T U M B L R onto google tab. 

Then, key-ed in the email and password and start searching for people to follow. After finding so few, I went to the Settings and Delete Tumblr Permanently.

Like that also syiok. Heh.

What is wrong with me? I had two tumblr accounts before. No idea why I deleted them twice three times counting this one too. 

All the spontaneous things that makes me feel happy again. Speaking of that, now I'm craving for butter cookies. Wah, super random and unrelated wei. 

This is Monday madness.

A small part of me is glad that August is going to be over soon. It has been pretty rough month. I think in just this month, we argued quite a lot. Some really small ones and some really huge ones. But then again, what is a relationship without arguments, right? Glad to know it's him I'm arguing with and not someone else. Gotta be thankful for hard-annoying-times too :)