28 September 2012

I Don't.

- understand why people think that going for manicure and pedicure is a waste of time and money.
I get what's the whole big issue is about. Why pay so much when you can just do it yourself, right? The thing is it's different. I know how to paint my nails nicely and stuff but I have no idea how to clean off the sides and massaging your own hand is no fun. And it's pampering. VERY PAMPERING! It's like how other girls would rather go shopping. Mine is definitely manipedi session :)

- like coffee.
Most people around me are addicted/inlove/obsessed with coffee. but somehow I find myself go 'yerr..' It's not like I never try. In fact, I've tried so many times but its just no way. Plus I worked in Starbucks TWICE (few months each time) and that is not enough to even convert me to a coffeeperson. But I do have cravings for coffee (rarely) sometimes (very very rare)

- sleep with the lights on.
Not even with one small lamplight at a corner. Somehow it just irritates me, a lot. I like it dark and cold.

- want to know whether the jellybean is a he or a she.

- know most of the songs title that's in this whole universe.
Maybe just those which I really like or it just happens that someone mentioned it. But I can never answer you if you ask me of a song's name. Never!

- like to eat char hor fun.

- drink a lot of water, naturally.
I can go on one whole day without taking a sip of H20. It's weird, I know. And very bad for health. That's why now I'm 'forcing' myself to drink and cultivate this habit (having a boyfriend who drinks like a cow definitely helps too, in a way)

- know how to download youtube videos.
I've googled it many times, and in the middle of reading/watching the steps, I give up. It's too deep. Haha.

- get obsessed with celebrities.
Those pretty and handsome superstars, of cos I like to see. but not to the point of having their photos on my phone screen saver or desktop. And I have always been having this one thing to one man. JOSH DUHAMEL. How can anyone not like this dude? He's like too good looking for anyone.

- like carbonated drinks, anymore.

- really like sushi.
Just sashimi. Okay, just salmon. Raw salmon with wasabii! *drools*

- complain as much as I did before.

- understand why people want to dye their hair.
Don't you think that the color of hair that you came to this world with suits you best? I just don't really understand la. I know my grandma dyes her hair black cos most of it are becoming white. Haha.

- want to have less than 4 kids next time.

- want to wear contact lens, forever.
Yes, laser is definitely considered. Later on perhaps.

- have an apendiks.
It exploded inside my system. I have a very high tolerance towards pain. True Story! :)

think I am addicted to Facebook.
(i think.) Once, Koay asked me if I would pay RM1/year if one day Facebook decided to charge at that rate. I think I answered no. Hmm.. Wait, I don't know if it's RM1 or RM100. Oh well, I can live without Facebook (actually, I'm not so sure) But I can definitely live happily without logging into it for few days! Achievement, yes.

- like bread/bun/flour-made-food.
Except bang chang koay.

- like to think and have deep thoughts.
Most of the times cos I'm so lazy.

- usually think properly when I see something really unique especially stationeries.
I would just get it. Like recently, I bought a notebook that costs me RM30 from Popular. And I regretted it when I got home. Kena nagging session from him sumore. Down.

- want to work in the finance line though I have a degree in it.
It's common, right? People usually study one thing and work another thing. Haha. But I do see myself using my finance degree in the future. There must be a reason why I studied it what right? So far, I'm enjoying my travel line.

- have a camera.
Which ranks one of the top must-get-list.

- think it's a sad thing to be short.
I like being short. Or maybe cos I'm already like that so I grew to like being short. Haha. As long as my boyfriend is taller than me, I'm fine :)

- like talking when I'm in a car/bus/van on a long journey/roadtrip.
Its funny how I just want to look outside the window and be quiet. It's like my thinking/personal time sort of. But it's impossible especially when I travel with friends. And it doesn't seem to bother me as much now anymore. It's the talking/laughing/talkingcrap in the car that makes it all so fun! :)

- like to eat fruits.
But I love vegetables. So it kinda balances my eating habits :)

- know why people don't think that I'm a shy person.
I am, in some ways. Get to know me and you'll realized deep inside this girl, there's some shyness.    

- why I'm so loud.   

- want to have a big wedding.
It's never my dream of having a wedding that's so big and grand. People always want that because they always say 'you only get married once!' But what for? You spend all that kachings on one night with great food and great companies of friends and the next day, all gone. Sumore whole day event, sure tired like mad. My ideal (if must have) would be ceremonies in the morning and then a good (4 course Western) luncheon with close ones. Then off we fly to our honeymoon! :) Yes, I do think of some details already, for the fun of it :)

so, here's my 28 of i don'ts since its today's date.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.