25 September 2012

Homes Chef Garden Restaurant.


It's like FINALLY that my aunt and her daughters are in this line of business!

They have always been the best cook in the entire family!

I still remember the taste of the apple soup that my aunt made when I was 7-8 years old! It was insanely delicious that I still remember it till now. Imagine how good it was! :)

When we were told the news that they were gonna open a restaurant, we were all so overjoyed! Cooking is in their blood!

My aunt (Kelly's grandma) and her eldest daughter (Kelly's mom) are the two main cooks! Her youngest daughter is the one running the business up front! And my uncle handles the PR, and he's sooo good in it! :))

And did I mention that the interior of the restaurant is elegantly simple? Love the lightings! :)

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the map to the restaurant.

You've got to try it first then you'll know that it's really that good!

My personal favorites so far are the sambal petai and ju hu char! :)