31 October 2012

Over and Out.

*after a tiny argument this morning*

*calls me in the office*

A: Hi babe.
S: Hi.
A: Do you love me?
S: Yeah.
A: How much?
S: Ten million.

Un-tension the conversation, tick :)

Probably not very funny. Anyways, yesterday was probably one of the busiest time that I had in office after three months of working here. It's good in a way. I like busy.

Sister is in her second trimester. It's so soon and everyone is getting more excited to find out if it's gonna be a boy or a girl. Ahhh. My family needs to keep expanding. My cousins need to start tying knots and get busy.

I'm trying to shape-it-up for the upcoming holiday on the cruise in three days time. It seems impossible. Can you believe that we have been practicing Waltz dance for the night? (okay, maybe not 'have been'. I've only been once and it's not THE REAL WALTZ cos we're not pro like that) :)

This is goodbye October twenty twelve. Hello November.

Will be watching Skyfall with the major corporate clients tomorrow. It's so nicee. Free movie and free popcorns! With some bonding time with clients. Pretty cool.

Green Tea Kit Kat is the best thing ever. No kidding. BEST. THING. EVER.

Randomming is over and out.