15 April 2014

2D1N Kuala Lumpur.

The whole family woke up at 4am and got ready to hit the road. Left the house at 5am and stopped by Ipoh for a nice warm breakfast. Nope, not at Foh San. 

He has always like driving to KL (or anywhere outside of Penang) either very early in the morning or early in the evening. So that we can always see sunrise or sunset. 

Go see sunrise, come back see sunset. He's quite romantic la in the way. 

We spent a night at Jaryn & Joe's place. LOVE THEIR STUDIO APARTMENT! Everything also got okay! Clean and new gymnasium, reading room, indoor playground, garden overlooking the city, barbeque place and infinity pool. 

INFINITY POOL! Okay, any apartments with this for sure win liau. FOR SURE!

First shopping place: IKEA.

Got a few stuff there for the parents and baby girl since her birthday is in 4 days time :)

Boys assembling a multi-tray-to-keep-documents-thing. At this moment I can't think of what it's called. Hmm..

We came back after IKEA and headed to the pool. The boys wanted to go gym first so the ladies decided that we shall just go to the pool. The sky was getting dark okay. Let's not waste anymore time. The pool is calling already. This shot was taken from the gym. I didn't bring my swimsuit also don't care. Shorts and t-shirts will do. 

Working out and looking at the city from the 6th floor, yes.

It started drizzling and then we saw purple lighning zapped at a distance and we straight came out. It became really dark in the span of few minutes. It's crazy. Quite scary really.

While waiting for the storm to pass, we selfied :)

Poor boy came down to swim but it started pouring really heavily. Then, it kinda stopped. But the lightning and thunder was like everywhere. So, he just stood there and daydream. He was so ready to make a jump for it. Too bad Koay. Too bad.

Just one night away from my family and I started missing them terribly. Just that weekend, don't know why. 

Thank God for video calls. 

April no more holiday.

May, you come faster.