10 April 2014

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

A fine super good looking man. Oh, he's super. 

Where got people so good looking eh? Josh Duhamel will still be top in my list, but this guy, this guy is good looking seriously. I just kinda realized that.

Don't worry Koay. These guys are just a list of names.. Actors that are such eye candies. You are the best and you know it :)

Moving on.. I just found out that he got married to his co-star in Step Up! I like this kind of love story. Very sweet lah. Their baby girl is almost one year old (same age with Sha Lynn!) and they both are like the cutest parents.

I hope this isn't another Hollywood love story which ends up with the D word. 

His wife, Jenna Dewan is such a beautiful lady. Gosh, when two beautiful people are together, the whole world celebrates. Just like when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got together and then I dislike Brad Pitt because he cheated on her. Pfft. Not that I'm very pro in Hollywood stuff. 

No idea why I can want to blog about this. Probably because I just found out that he got married to his co-star? And I find it quite cute? And I suddenly want to watch Step Up all over again? And I did?