02 April 2014

Photo of Poop.

I don't think anyone has any idea how many of poop photo I have in my camera roll album.

All from him.

Whenever his poop doesn't look like the normal ones, whether in size or color, for sure whatsapp got notification.

Most recent one was just yesterday. 

I drove to his office to fetch him for breakfast before work starts. He rushed into his office 2 minutes before I arrive and told me, he needed to go do number 2.

I was playing candy crush while waiting in the car and then I received a whatsapp message. 

Yep, you guessed it right. A photo of his dark long poop in the toilet bowl. Also, to let me know he's done with business and on his way down.

What have I gotten myself into seriously?

I'm sorry I cannot post any of his collection here. It's too disgusting and mind-disturbing. 

Actually, I should have saved all the images he sent to me. I can compile them, have them printed on a photobook and give him for his birthday present. Aiyahhhh! Why I never thought of it before!