11 April 2014

Keep Swallowing.

One of the worse things to happen during a good night's sleep is when you swallow your saliva and the pain wakes you up. 

Then, you try to swallow more and the pain gets even worse.

Immediately, you switch sleeping mode to praying mode because the pain is just too unbearable. Somehow, you fell asleep and it was a smooth sleep again.

Until you wake up in the morning, no more saliva to swallow.

The pain seemed to be gone after you brush your teeth and you thought it's gone!

After make-up, you swallow again to final check and wala, it's back again.

You walked into the office feeling pretty worn out with all the swallowing saliva going on and then you started sneezing non-stop.

You got your materials ready and heading towards Prai to meet some corporate clients. You decided that on the way, you'll stop by at Klinik Huang and buy some medicines.

I lazy to say the rest already.

Yeah, one day in the life of Sarah Khoo. 
April 11th, Friday.

It's going to be okay by tomorrow morning because we going to the city of madness!