29 April 2014

Youth Wave Challenge 2014.

There will be NO youth service for two weeks due to this Wave Challenge. 
26th April and 3rd May.

A bunch of us went to the Balik Pulau Sports Complex early in the morning. Goodness, no more sleep late on weekends. So sad okay.

Anyways, Ben and I was supposed to the helpers but Ben could only be there for a few hours. I saw Baxster doing nothing and he obviously couldn't play any sports, so I got him to be my partner for secretariat stuff. We're a very effective team because he willingly did the score keeping and I was the timekeeper. At least not so stressed out.

Officials of the day :)

There were other helpers from other churches. Initially, they needed more but on that day, we actually had too many. We both actually spent quite some time doing nothing. Oh and officials get free drinks and lunch. Yay! :)

My favorite all-time. The Yeo's were selling them one bottle for RM1 only! 

This Saturday got another round of Dodgeball and Floorball. Imma going to spam and stock up at home. SO CHEAP OKAY!

Koay said got a lot of calories but less sugar d ma so shouldn't be that bad. Haha.

And doctor did mention that I have to constantly take in sugar. The body needs it. Maybe that explains the face expanding and the kgs increasing. Hah.

I shall keep trying to eat healthily and go for more hiking session.

It was such a long day but for the people who were playing, I guess time passed pretty quickly for them. There were a lot of teams for captain ball, both for men and women. For frisbee, only 4 teams that was from 2 churches. 

Frisbee not easy leh. I've tried it once and boy, if you don't have stamina or have very little, you can't survive. Speaking from experience here. But it is quite a nice game. Just have to run a lot and learn how to throw them frisbee.

Captain ball was indoor so yay to not getting a sunburn, but then the place that fireBRANDS sat was wind-less and fan-less. 

WE WERE SWEATING LIKE MAD DOGS! And we weren't even playing. We were just watching. Don't know if some kgs were shed or not that time since so much sweat came out. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a good Saturday spent with buddies. We did not win any placing but we all had fun. Is fourth considered as a placing also ah? Hmm..

Anyways, I think compared to other Wave Challenge, this was prolly one of the smallest. I remembered my first Youth Wave Challenge back in those years and the whole places was packed with sweaty humans. 

Actually, also because we used to have all four sports in one day and now they split them into 2 days. Yeah, that's probably why it felt small this time. 

And I used to be one of the players. Now, I will give any excuses not to be playing. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME!? I loved sweating after playing sports. LOVED. Now, I'm so lazy its not even funny anymore. Heh.

New in my list: Hiking.