07 April 2014

What Hiking?

Saturday is the kind of day that people will sleep in till brunch time. Or at least for me it is.

I don't know why I go and agree with Koay that I will join them to hike to Kerachut. No idea why. 

That morning when I had to wake up at 6am, I regretted it so badly that when Koay called, I kinda wanted to tell him that I was going to ppk him. Then, it rained! *cheers silently inside*

Then, the rain stopped. So, after breakfast, we made our way to Teluk Bahang and there it was. THE BLACK BIG PIECE OF RAINING CLOUD. I was the happiest girl that morning. 

We ended up going to a hidden waterfall that my family used to go. Still so pretty. 

Standing at this waterfall brings so many wonderful memories. All those fun times with my relatives. We would pack nasi lemak/nasi kandar and makan there while being soaked in those iced cold fresh water. Those were the days. So fun! 

He wanted to make sure the it's not too slippery for me to go there since I was holding my Goldii. Or maybe the inner boy in him got too excited and wants to go play first. Haha.

Because I was so sleepy and reluctant to leave my bed in the morning, I didn't bring anything extra. So, cannot play water although Koay did brought a few t-shirts. Still, no extra pants. 

But since we were already there, we spent some time just soaking our feet in those cold water. SOOOO NICE OKAY! 

That waterfall place now looks like it's being guarded or something. There were like 2 houses in front, so I'm not sure if we're allowed to go there next time, with our packed nasi kandar. Next time means I sure get myself all wet and play water like I was 10 years old again. 

Hopefully can.

Time to go makan :)

Till next time, you pretty waterfall.

Lunch, we decided to tapau Malay rice and eat it at the beach behind Lone Pine Resort. Double date on a budget :)

Things he like to do.. quite cute. At the end of it, he like very proud nia. It's just chasing away the birds, bro.. 

After that, we wanted to watch a movie at TGV Paragon Mall since they have promo for only RM5 for movies before 12pm.. Manatua, for new movies, it's RM13 so we decided do something else. Haha. 


But not all of us. Only Jack went up on different kind of surface eh. Got barrel one sumore. Before that, we went to Shojikiya and got this green tea wafer ice cream first. 


It was quite a good Saturday despite the lack of sleep.