13 January 2014


I have been to the office for eight days straight in a row and waking up at 8am every morning.

This is no good.

I need the sleep.

Saturday and Sunday, I was attending a Leadership Training in the office and though it literally suck all the life of my weekends, I kinda enjoyed the entire training.

It was funny and informative. Surprisingly, I learned so much about things I never knew could change me and how I look at things now. 

One of it is how I will carefully choose my words, especially dealing with kids. 

I'm glad that I went for the training.

Now, my brain is so not in its order to do anything. It's not really Monday blues kind. It's just tomorrow is a public holiday and there is no moo whatsoever in the office to make people want to do anything. 

Now I'm just pure mumbling. 

Today needs to end soon. Sooooon.

10 January 2014

Our Mini-Sized Love.

I love this baby to bits.

She is the world's bossiest baby, BUT I still love her to bits.

09 January 2014

The Ugly Truth.

Slowly getting more comfortable with 2014. 

The past few months haven't been easy with so many things on the plate. What makes it even tougher is the boy is still going through his quarter life crisis. What suck about this is that there is not much that I can help him with except to make sure he smiles everyday, whether one time or more. Everyday must at least be silly once to make him smile. I guess it will help him go through it better. I guess. 

I went through it and hated it. I don't think anyone can escape it, I think. However, mine isn't as worse as the boy's. Either that, or he's just really sucked into it and stuff. I don't know.. 

Nine days into it and I can now say that it's going to be a long year. It's going to feel forever to reach to the last month of 2014. Here I am in January, hoping that December is already here. Hmm.

Two nights ago, Koay and I had a long conversation about the now and the future. Boy, its one of those conversations that we enjoy, although there were mini arguments here and there. We did however ended the talk with smiles and hugs :)

It leaves me thinking about how impossible it is for couples to never argue at all. For one person to always give in and thus avoid all arguments, that's impossible. Seriously.

It doesn't matter how similar you both are, you will still argue. Big things or small, sure argue. 

When I look at the both of us, I can safely say that there are more similar things than there are not. We see eye to eye in almost anything, but then sure somewhere got something that we don't. 

We've been friends for about 5 years now. Okay, more like 3 years of great friendship and 2 years of amazing relationship. Even when we were just buddies, we already started arguing on certain things. To the point people used to think that we were a couple or something. 

But no. Not that time. I guess that's kinda the thing that brought us closer and then we became best friends. If we didn't argue 4-5 years ago, I don't think we could ever be best friends like that. 

Come and think about it. How Josh and I became really close at one point from just being childhood buddies was something similar. We started arguing first. Not those couple kind but still, we've had our days of not-talking-to-each-other kind. 

So yeah. 

Healthy arguments bring two people further together, I believe. 

It is always better to talk things out than to keep it in there somewhere.

I don't know why I'm talking about this but I guess, stepping into a new year and going to celebrate our two years together made me realize one important thing. 

It's no secret that I am a bossy person and sometimes I do tend to want things go my way. I'm quite a kiasu person. For years, I have offended people unknowingly and not many people actually dare to come up to me and tell me and guide me (sort of). Very very few actually. Or probably none, if you don't count my family.

And then there's Koay. 

The first person who is not afraid to tell me off when I needed an attitude adjustment. For the first few times, I didn't take it well. I mean, obviously right? 

But over the years as a best friend (even before we have feelings for each other), he never fails to be that one person who constantly became my 'alarm clock'. 'Alarm clock' because everytime I said something that I shouldn't have or how I react to a person/scenario, he will tell me. Of course after we got together, the 'alarm tone' became "I love you babe".

So when he says that to me out of a sudden, I knew I had to re-think of what I did/say. Often I will give my explanation, but it usually smack me back on my own face. Hahaha.

I like how he doesn't care if I was going to get angry or hurt or something, but hey, someone has got to be the one, right. 

Thankful for this strict but sweet angel :)

Okaylah. This could be the post for him for our second year anni coming up so soon :) Lazy to write another post for Koay d. Haha. 


08 January 2014

Total Blackout Is Total Fun!

Just as the name says it. It's a reality TV show where it's almost similar to Fear Factor. 

The players are to do certain things in a completely dark room. It's so black/dark that they can't even be able to see their own hands right in front of their eyes.

Some of the things that's in their "game" are smelling random items and then identify them. Other rounds would be touching things in an empty glass case and identify them. There's actually many more different ones, like eating something off someone's body.

So the father has been talking about this show for about a week. Imagine since last week he kept reminding us that at this time on this day we all cannot watch other things. MUST WATCH AXN.


I actually can't remember when was the last time we all laughed so hard at a TV in the living room. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS I TELL YOU! You just gotta watch it. I KID YOU NOT. SURE BEST ONE HOUR OF YOUR LIFE. Laugh like that and sure burn some calories. CONFIRM.

Anyways, one of the things that made me laughed quite a bit and at the same time disgusted is this *looks below*

It's just geli okayyy! Some of the answers were, "Is it a rabbit?", "It smells like an animal" etc. OH MY GOODNESS!

The smelling isn't as funny as when they need to touch to tell what the item is. You just gotta see how the people react when they didn't even touch anything. Got one lady reacted till so extreme and cursing all the way when her hand touched some feathers of a feather duster. Goodness. SO FUNNY LAA!

If you're having a not-so-good day, this is a good boost. I didn't have the most pleasant night but that one hour turned it around. Boy, just go Youtube and watch it will you! PLEASE! 

07 January 2014

Goldii Jumped.

This morning.

In office.

It was on top of a flattened table calendar.

My huge comfy chair swept the calendar and both jumped unwillingly. 

The thing was I didn't even know that Goldii was already on the floor. There was no sound at all. 

It was just that sudden feeling that I had that pushed me to just turn behind and check on Goldii, which was charging at that moment. 

My eyes saw an empty table/shelf. Heart straight sank a lil. Turned to the floor and it was covered by the calendar.


Picked it up and press here and there. Everything seems okay so should be okaylah. So I try convincing myself. 

That's a quite a high drop actually. 

Aiya, nevermind lah. 

It taught me to not take worldly things so precious. The WORLD will fail me always and I shall put all my hope and strength and faith in the One that never fails.

Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow.

I'm secure in the Perfect Man :)

06 January 2014

ROOTED Appreciation Dinner.

Youth Camp 2014 was weeks ago. Wuuuut! Don't know why good times always seem to go by quicker eh. Pffft.

Anyways, we had our annual appreciation dinner last night and no, this time no choo char. We all had two in one bbq steamboat. How to have choo char within the budget with 20 hungry youth?! How?!

Most of the group leaders joined us this time and I would like to think that they all had a lot of fun cooking on their own and eating their end product, while sweating away :)

I think it must be the age because I used to enjoy this kind of meal gatherings. Now, I just want to sit down in an aircond room and be served. Hah. Instead of sweating inside out, eating burnt meat or overcooked vege in tomyam soup. Oh ya by the way, INDY COOKS REALLY YUMMY BUTTER CHICKEN/FISH/VEGE! Okaylah, last night I'm quite okay because Indy cooked and took the drinks for me. My favourite number four indeed :)

Ended the night with a glass of Iced Mocha at Coffee Elements, All Seasons.

Good Sunday is good.

02 January 2014

Different and New.

Just like that, it's already second day of the new year.

"It has been 22 hours since 2014 hit us." My dad said last night after grocery shopping at Tesco.

Then, it really shook me. It's seriously the second day already today?

I spent my whole night last night doing don't know what. I know for sure I wasn't sleeping. I was awake, scratching my head and my fingers, constantly looking at the windows to see if the sun is up, looked at my phone a thousand times but did not once went into any social media. It hit me. The reality of 2014 hit me in the middle of the night. What a perfect timing.

Year in, year out. Just like that, 25 years of my life passed. TWENTY FIVE! Seriously? I'm so not anywhere near ready to be 26 and more. 25 has gotta be my maximum age. Haha. Growing old is too painful. At least I look younger than my real age la so it isn't that bad as I thought it would be. 

Anyways, since this is the first post of 2014, it's different :)

This post is actually dedicated to a good friend whom I've worked alongside with for the past 10 years. One decade man. That's crazy stuff. For a whole stretch of 10 years, it has always been great to be serving God with this man. It's not always oh-we-work-so-well-together-that-we-never-argue kind, but it is we-help-each-other-to-grow and God-experienced kind. We have our ups and downs. Many many of ups and downs actually. But at the end of the day, we still enjoy each other's company in serving the fireBRANDS. Despite the many differences, we always manage to work things as a team. 

Then, last night after saying a few really nice things in our fireBRANDS Council group chat, he left. I'm not saying it as a bad thing. I guess when I saw 'Leroy left', it hit me even more that 2014 is going to be a different and new. 

Different because the one person that I go to everytime I needed to make a fireBRANDS-related decision or anything of the ministry, it's him I go to, the wise man. And now, it's different. Not that I don't go to the other two handsome councils. It's just different. It's not a bad-different. It's just different.

New because I'm like the last one from the senior time that still serves the young people. WHY YOU ALL LEAVE ME! WHYYY!? Kiddinglah. I miss all of you, crazy bunch of humans. Judson.. Daniel.. Leroy.. Ian.. Salako..

So yeah. One thing I'm thankful for, is the friendship that I've gained despite of the decisions that were made two years ago. Le Roy, you have been a blessing from up above to not only me but also Adrian. And WhatTwoEatHere (in case you all didn't know, Le Roy designed our name card for us). It's been so goood working alongside with you :) We are excited to see what God has planned for you and you're gonna be great because you are specially marked by Him :)

Friendship of 12 years and many more years to come :)

Try not to cry Le Roy. Now you got no choice but to read my blog! Muahaha!