13 January 2014


I have been to the office for eight days straight in a row and waking up at 8am every morning.

This is no good.

I need the sleep.

Saturday and Sunday, I was attending a Leadership Training in the office and though it literally suck all the life of my weekends, I kinda enjoyed the entire training.

It was funny and informative. Surprisingly, I learned so much about things I never knew could change me and how I look at things now. 

One of it is how I will carefully choose my words, especially dealing with kids. 

I'm glad that I went for the training.

Now, my brain is so not in its order to do anything. It's not really Monday blues kind. It's just tomorrow is a public holiday and there is no moo whatsoever in the office to make people want to do anything. 

Now I'm just pure mumbling. 

Today needs to end soon. Sooooon.