07 January 2014

Goldii Jumped.

This morning.

In office.

It was on top of a flattened table calendar.

My huge comfy chair swept the calendar and both jumped unwillingly. 

The thing was I didn't even know that Goldii was already on the floor. There was no sound at all. 

It was just that sudden feeling that I had that pushed me to just turn behind and check on Goldii, which was charging at that moment. 

My eyes saw an empty table/shelf. Heart straight sank a lil. Turned to the floor and it was covered by the calendar.


Picked it up and press here and there. Everything seems okay so should be okaylah. So I try convincing myself. 

That's a quite a high drop actually. 

Aiya, nevermind lah. 

It taught me to not take worldly things so precious. The WORLD will fail me always and I shall put all my hope and strength and faith in the One that never fails.

Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow.

I'm secure in the Perfect Man :)