06 January 2014

ROOTED Appreciation Dinner.

Youth Camp 2014 was weeks ago. Wuuuut! Don't know why good times always seem to go by quicker eh. Pffft.

Anyways, we had our annual appreciation dinner last night and no, this time no choo char. We all had two in one bbq steamboat. How to have choo char within the budget with 20 hungry youth?! How?!

Most of the group leaders joined us this time and I would like to think that they all had a lot of fun cooking on their own and eating their end product, while sweating away :)

I think it must be the age because I used to enjoy this kind of meal gatherings. Now, I just want to sit down in an aircond room and be served. Hah. Instead of sweating inside out, eating burnt meat or overcooked vege in tomyam soup. Oh ya by the way, INDY COOKS REALLY YUMMY BUTTER CHICKEN/FISH/VEGE! Okaylah, last night I'm quite okay because Indy cooked and took the drinks for me. My favourite number four indeed :)

Ended the night with a glass of Iced Mocha at Coffee Elements, All Seasons.

Good Sunday is good.