08 January 2014

Total Blackout Is Total Fun!

Just as the name says it. It's a reality TV show where it's almost similar to Fear Factor. 

The players are to do certain things in a completely dark room. It's so black/dark that they can't even be able to see their own hands right in front of their eyes.

Some of the things that's in their "game" are smelling random items and then identify them. Other rounds would be touching things in an empty glass case and identify them. There's actually many more different ones, like eating something off someone's body.

So the father has been talking about this show for about a week. Imagine since last week he kept reminding us that at this time on this day we all cannot watch other things. MUST WATCH AXN.


I actually can't remember when was the last time we all laughed so hard at a TV in the living room. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS I TELL YOU! You just gotta watch it. I KID YOU NOT. SURE BEST ONE HOUR OF YOUR LIFE. Laugh like that and sure burn some calories. CONFIRM.

Anyways, one of the things that made me laughed quite a bit and at the same time disgusted is this *looks below*

It's just geli okayyy! Some of the answers were, "Is it a rabbit?", "It smells like an animal" etc. OH MY GOODNESS!

The smelling isn't as funny as when they need to touch to tell what the item is. You just gotta see how the people react when they didn't even touch anything. Got one lady reacted till so extreme and cursing all the way when her hand touched some feathers of a feather duster. Goodness. SO FUNNY LAA!

If you're having a not-so-good day, this is a good boost. I didn't have the most pleasant night but that one hour turned it around. Boy, just go Youtube and watch it will you! PLEASE!