01 October 2012

One of Ten.

Blessed day one of the tenth month everybody! :)

Those who are still asleep, please wake up because September ended (lame, i know)

My right eye is starting to be swollen. Those horrible ache around the eye that's telling me it's gonna be very swollen soon and painful and ugly (and tomorrow is my first day of meeting corporate clients on my own)

Tonight is the night! Koay and I will be going out on a 'date' to draw lots for whattwoeathere and the three blessed winners will be revealed in the food blog sooon! (i am sooo excited to see who's gonna win it)

Signing off with a photo of my favorite twins! (actually they are only twin babies i know) but still, me sayang them to bits. Cuteness overloaded (i want to have my own twins too)