14 June 2013

Sudden Salad.

My goodness.

I do not know what is wrong with me today! Just all of a sudden I'm craving for salad so badly. Ahhh. Too sudden already leh.

I even just googled recipes to do salad.. More specifically Thai Salads. But no.. Too many ingredients to have to make the dressing. Stress.

Then, I started looking at more western style and it makes the craving even worse. Maybe I should try having salad as one of the daily meals. Either lunch, dinner or supper. Don't know if I can survive also or not. It's about  time to lose those extra not wanted baggages. Hah.

So tempted to just go get salad from somewhere. HOW! This is too mean! Ahhhhh!

Hate it when craving of such thing comes all of a sudden. And I'm not even pregnant or something. Could not imagine when I did, all random cravings is gonna hit like tsunami. No kidding. Let's not go there. So anyways, blessed weekend everyone! Oh, maybe I shall have salad for lunch tomorrow. I could grill some breat meat and raw salmon with it. Oh how yums just thinking about it. How yums. No need dressing also sure nice alreadyy.

So good that it's Friday today!