04 July 2013

I Prefer.

A4 and A3.
blue pen and black pen.
ice cream and frozen yogurt.
tanned and fair skinned.
cold weather and hot weather.
white wine and red wine.
flats and high heels.
pants and dresses.
tea and coffee.
vegetables and fruits.
desktop and laptop.
livingsocial.com and groupon.com
orange light and white light.
instagram and facebook.
swatch and rolex.
credit card and cash.
starbucks and coffee bean.
puppy and iguana.
haagen daaz and baskin robin.
gurney and queensbay.
georgia and arial.
kayu and pelita.
white house down and olympus has fallen.
orange and red.
beach and hill.
salmon and tuna.
the walking dead and pretty little liars.
lunch and dinner.
wongfu and jinnyboytv.
scissors and penknife.
square and circle.
caramel popcorns and kimchi popcorns.
gsc and tgv.
contact lens and glasses.
banana and mango.
peanut butter and peanut butter with strawberry jam.
old town and papparich.
22nd floor and 2nd floor.
laughing and smiling.
honda and toyota.
mcdonalds and kfc.
airasia and firefly.
straight hair and curly hair.
segi and kdu.
kenny rogers and nandos.
whatsapp and line.
blogspot and tumblr.
chicken and pork.
blonde and brunette.
mixfm and hitzfm.
james foo and sunny side up.
God and money.