16 July 2013

PTPTN Loan Turned Scholarship.

I mentioned once in Saturday Youth Service how God had blessed me way beyond my expectation in regards to my studies and college stuff. So, I have just received the official letter from the government turning my RM48,000 PTPTN loan into a full 100% scholarship. It is insane. I mean, all this while I knew I didn't have to pay it back since my graduation days, but to get the official letter is just a very rewarding moment and a reminder of how crazy God is. He is able to do anything.

A week before I got this letter, a friend told me that he was asked to pay back the "extra" that we got throughout our whole 3 years course. Because my course fee was only RM40,000 and I was given RM48,000 I had to pay back RM8,000. That was according to the government-person that spoke to my friend. And he did actually pay back the extra RM8,000. He was a first-class honor student too. But when I heard that, I knew God is in charge. So, I wasn't bothered by that info. A week later, a letter that clarified otherwise. Whoa. Crazy huh. 

It gets easier like 0.1% each time I go through this kind of thing with the Big Man. It always gets easier trusting that He is in FULL control. His ways are the most rewarding. His timing is chun-nest of all. I'm grateful. Very grateful.

Two years already since we parted ways. College people, appreciate every moment you spend with your collegemates. Those times are precious. You may not see/feel/know it now. But once you leave and graduate, every part of your being wishes that you could turn back time once again. Maybe except for those assignments due dates and exams. But the hanging out and road trips and the group study till midnight and sleepover parties, boy do I miss them madly. Not to forget, all the unnecessary dramas. Now, to plan for a dinner together with the full clan also takes forever. I miss being crazy and loud in classes. You really do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. It's really true.