09 July 2013

Travel Fair Et Cetera.

My Saturday and Sunday. 6-7 July 2013. Oh and maybe my Monday too since it was a holiday.

Just so you know, I actually had to refresh this page ten thousand million times in order for me to start typing what I wanted to say here. Juts imagine the geramness. Anyways, I am here now so yay.

My first time working on a travel fair and I have to say, in the beginning of it I was so excited. And surprisingly, I was still excited about it when it ended on Sunday night. So yeah. Koay kept calling me workaholic and stuff, but I know I'm not. I just really like my company a lot and it's so fun trying to get people to plan and book their holidays. It kinda makes me happy when I see people book and sign away for a good deal like Club Med's! :)

It's nice that I've made a few new friends from KL's team sent by Club Med too. So yeah, in summary, I actually really enjoyed myself working on the past weekend. The only sad thing thing is I had to skip Youth Service and Sunday Church. Felt funny not spending time with some good friends.

On another note, I decided to handwrite the Bible. Jeng jeng jeng. As in copy them and write them on a nice paper and I shall compile it, whether it's gonna take many many years. I shall try doing this thing. What inspire me? I saw in a magazine last night that a man did that and finished it all in 4 years. King James version somemore. I shall do it in three years. Kidding! But yeah, I think it's pretty fun!

The connection in my office is driving me crazy. It's not only slow. It's super pathetic. It makes me so angry and annoyed! But I shall keep smiling and stay thankful :)

I have finally finish watching Vampire Diaries. Now, moving onto New Girl. Next would be Lost, I think. Like I mentioned in my tweets, I like how Klaus loves Caroline. He knows he's not her first love, but he's gonna stay and wait to be her last. That also because they are both vampires and they don't get old, while Caroline's current first love is a werewolf. Wait, or is he a hybrid? I don't know.. Now, I'm confused.. Oh well. VD has a lot of gorgeous ladies. Elena, Caroline and Lexi! My three fav girls :)

You know people always type something and then adds "etc" behind them because they too lazy to type all? Yeah, that stands for Et Cetera. If you didn't know, you're welcome! :)

Koay walked to my office on another street and then we both held hands and walked to one of his ever favorite chicken rice place. Shweeet. Since we weren't able to spend time last week, the long walk there actually got us some catch-up sessions. Gotta love long walks with coconut boy. 

Also, that two days of working in the weekend, I spent my two nights with baby girl. Loved every moment of it though have to wake up in the middle of the night. Loved spending time with her. Though most of the time it's quite time. Hahaha. But there were so many times that she smiled a lot of times when I talked to her. Everytime she does that, I melted even more. How to not love her even more every passing minute?! HOW!?

Pastor Cowan called and asked about the campsite. And I immediately went crazy! Faster called the lady and booked the date for youth camp. Phew.. Good thing he called. If not, say bye bye to our favorite place for camps. Very close. Very very close.

So, it's all random and stuff. I DID mention ET CETERA in the title so yep. All the random things I'm rambling here. 

Second half of 2013. Crazy fast time flew by. And that's alright. That's because I'm embracing each part of it. Every part of life. The truth is I feel old. But when I look into the mirror, I feel young. Speaking of identity crisis. Okay, I'm just joking. I don't have identity issues. Hah.

I cannot wait to go for our "Complimentary One Night Cruise to Nowhere!" And the boy and his family are going for PEN-PHUKET-KRABI-PEN in a month's time! SO SYIOKKK! It sucks that my annual leave is zero numbered now. DOWNZ. Gotta save the last 5 unpaid leave for AYC. This is indeed a very sad thing. oh wellz..

Actually, all these ramblings are like my last week's update. Oh oh! I went for another medical check-up yesterday for some insurans thingy stuff. So, normally a simple medical check-up consists just urine test, eye test and check body and stuff. Yesterday, the doctor who was doing the chek was an old man. Usually young adults' kind of doctor are the ones I see but this one is different. So yeah. Let's just say that it's definitely gonna be a woman doctor who's gonna be delivering my baby! FOR SURE! NO MALE DOCTOR FOR ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH! No offence and not being sexist but it's just so so uncomfortable! 

Told Koay and the response on his face was hilarious! Hah.

Alright, enough of these ramblings :)

Signing off.