30 July 2013

SAM's Scan System.

Whole family decided to go Gurney Paragon to get some stuff at Harvey Norman. Lil baby came too. I actually thought I wanted to wait till Koay is free then can go together since we both never go before. This time also I didn't really get a good look at the whole place. Only went to few places and the food court. Very pretty food court indeed.

So, we were at the Lower Ground floor and walked into Sam's Groceria. Vanessa kept asking me to walk to the counter where they have these unique scanning thing. Rachel and I at first were like lost and confused, and didn't understand what she was trying to tell us also. Anyways, we walked over to this counter at the side, where you can see quite a lot of scanner thing on the wall and a man sitting beside it behind a desk. Approached him and he patiently explained it all to us.

So right, I wrote down my details etc and the moment he saw my details or to be more precise, my email address, he said this:

Him: Your email is sarah..?
Me: Oh, it's sarahkutu@.. *smiles*
Him: *looks at me* Oh! *burst out laughing* I whole day work here, no laughing. See you make me laugh. Very good.
Me: Oh that's good. Now you are happy boy! Hahaha.
Him: *nods and smiles even more*

Ahhh. That feeling when you make a stranger happy. Even better when you know that he hasn't been smilling the whole day. Probably because he puasa too hungry. Or not. Hmmm..

Okay. so back to this thing. It's basically a scanner that allows you to scan the barcode of your items as you shop along in the premises. This will enable you to keep track on how much you are spending and if you don't want the item after you scan, you just need to re-scan the barcode and it's cancelled from your electronic device. So coool heh. And using this, we can straight use the Express Lane to pay. With all these scanning of barcodes and stuff, the amount of money you spend will be converted into points which you can then trade it as cash vouchers in the future.

Signing up for the card is now free. Soon they will charge. So, I of course signed up. WHILE IT"S STILL FREE! Hahaha. And we immediately start scanning almost every item that we see! Okay, maybe that's a lil too dramatic.

My first item that I chose to scan was FROZEN BUFFALO MEAT! I didn't even know that it was buffalo meat until I actually scanned it. WHO EATS BUFFALO!??!?! That's like so sad okayy. Or not. Since pig is cuter and pork happens to be my favorite meat. Hah.

Then, we went around holding that scanner and scan other things and then un-scanned them again. Pretty fun.

When I was younger, I always wanted to work as the cashier in supermarkets because it's like so fun scanning barcodes and take people's money and all. I think I still kinda want to have this kind of experience lo. Working at Tesco for a day or something.

We didn't have the time to walk around and buy a lot of stuff because we needed to go Harvey Norman to get a vacuum cleaner. Boy, sales in the whole store. And the vacuum cleaner that we got is so powerful and convenient. Now my mom doesn't need to bend down and vacuum. My new favorite shop to buy electrical stuff is now Harvey Norman.

I shall spend a whole day one of these days to explore Gurney Paragon at my own pace. Padini got two storeys okayy! Madness! And must try Zanmai!

That's all for now :)