18 July 2013

Handwritten Bible.

So, in one of my previous post, I mentioned very briefly that I was gonna plan to write the Bible, message version.

And write the Bible, I did.

Yep, I actually decided to re-write the Bible, no matter how long it shall take. A man in the US took 4 years to finish the whole Bible, by writing it all by himself. King James version.

And I got inspired after reading that at a small corner of a magazine. Crazy huh? At least, it kinda gives me "something" sort of "feeling"! A good kind of feeling. A very therapeutic feeling. This feels even better than shopping.

So, to prepare for the first day to launch this writing Bible, I went and get a specific blue pen, and specific kind of A4 papers (which in the end I just took a new stack from Van's because I've got no time to buy).

So far, I've written till Genesis chapter nine and verse 29. This is the beginning and though I just realized that there's so much more to write and though I'm nowhere near the second book, I will still try to finish the whole holy book in three years.

A bible verse/chapter a day, will keep this heart in tune everyday. Okay, maybe it's not very rhythm-ic.

Oh wellz.