17 July 2013

Ben Can Really Cook.

We called for a council meeting without the pastors to re-align certain things in fireBRANDS, and because Ben offered to do it in his house, he of course offered to cook his ever-famous-aglio-olio for us. For us, it's OF COURSE WHY NOT! Initially, I only expected for his signature spaghetti for dinner, but when we got there, it was way more than just a pasta dish.

IT WAS A FINE DINING Ben's style. No kidding! When we arrived, we could smell all those

wonderful herbs smell and he didn't want us to do anything, so we just sat and watched Masterchef Australia Season 4, which by the way did not help to make our hunger less. Imagine looking at those yummy food on the TV and smelling the aroma from Ben's kitchen.

Special thanks to Aunty Mee Thiew and Ben for blessing us with this amazing spread of lovely food!

We had Ben's amazing aglio olio spaghetti, roasted pork fillet with special Ben's sauce, squashed sweet potatoes, the ever amazing green salad and crispy garlic bread. THERE WERE NO LEFTOVER! NONE! ZERO!

It was that gooooood! So blessed.

Last night's council meeting was one of the longest that I've had. We talked about what we really feel, no filter. But whatever was spoken between those walls stays there. I'm thankful for this team.

Anyways, Ben should really start a catering service. Or a cafe. Or a Pasta Corner. Or just anything! You're an amazing cook, Mr Song Min. First time, I had three servings of spaghetti which is like so rare.


The tummy was happy last night.