28 July 2013

Last Sunday of July.

Pretty packed.

seven am  Hit snooze three times. Took a quick shower. Made sure Kelly bathed. Went over next door to bring Shakulynn (shaKHOOlynn because calling her in three words is a lot easier and nicer!) over and bathed her as well. 

eight am Koay arrived and picked us up.

eight thirty am Bought a piece of bang chang koay and ordered two bowls of koay chiap, roti tisu, roti bom and nasi kandar.
nine fifteen am Rushed to Central Zone because both Mr and Mrs Sha were on duty and their Thai maid need to be on duty. Played with lil baby to make sure she doesn't fall asleep just before the worship starts.

ten am Held baby till she fell asleep.

twelve thirty pm Drove to Evergreen Hotel to fetch seven of Koay's family friends from Singapore.

one thirty pm Lunched at Koay's home. HOME COOKED FOOD IS ALWAYS AMAZING!

two thirty pm Durian party feast at the garden area.

four pm Rested the mind and body while the rest were outside bonding. Too tired, sorry.

five thirty pm Koay left to go for football tournament.

seven fifteen pm Koay came home after first half of the match. Left for dinner at Ben's. Aunty Mee Thiew cooks amazing food. and AGAIN HOME COOKED FOOD IS ALWAYS BEST! Ever!

nine thirty pm Left Ben's house to Logan Road. 

ten zero five pm Quietly stayed outside Sharon's house to light up the RM7 candles. Love the balloon candles. Haha. 

ten twenty pm Rang the door and SURPRISE SHAUN! His FIRST ever birthday surprise. And we needed to do it before twelve am because our big boy sleeps at ten thirty :) 

eleven pm Walked into my house, only to find both my parents pak-tor-ing with durians. AND MY ROOM DOOR WAS NOT CLOSED! :S

eleven fifteen pm Typing all of the above.

Packed Sunday is packed.

Excited for August to come already :)