23 August 2013

A Gift From Patong.

I got my first football jersey top/blouse from the boy yesterday.

Obviously, it's Manchester United printed. I love how bright the color is (though I'm not a big fan of fluoroscent bright colors), however this one is pretty nice.

Just how I like it. Colorful and upbeat-ish :)

It's a lil too big now for me? I don't know.. Some areas are lose and some other places, it's just pretty tight. And it's a pretty long top.

So for now it's my pajamas. Quite comfy to sleep in. Quite.

Thank you, you long-eye-lashes-with-such-a-big-tukau-head-that-has-weird-hairstyle-allthetime-and-a-big-heart-for-people-and-your-super-kiau-butt-for-a-guy-but-I-still-love-you-boy!