13 August 2013

Campur Semua.

The second day of the week and I feel bleh. 

Not because I have to work, but the fact that last night when I went home after work, the first thing I did was go towards Sha Lynn, whom at that time was crying stones and rocks. Like so loudly and she won't even stop. We even thought at one point that maybe she was feeling unwell in her tummy or stuff. Manatau, she went back home and she started chatting with her daddy. So yeah. The conclusion is that she suddenly doesn't recognize any of the Khoos. IT WAS SUCH A SAD NIGHT :(

This morning, I went over to see her but couldn't really spend time with her because she was still three-quarter half asleep. I said three-quarter because when I was there, her eyes were moving and her eyelids opened once in a while to check me out). 

Then, over lunch today, I went back home and she's back to all smiles when I play with her :) Hooray! Mom even said next time cannot bring her to go vacation for too long already. Haha. 

Okay next. Bangla is going on a cruise holiday with his family in four days time. He's gonna fly to Merlion City with his lookalike-sister and then cruises back here to Penang (where his parents will then join in) then to Phuket. Superstar Virgo okayy! That's like the business class of MAS in the cruise world. Everything is top-notch. His family is just blessed with family friends who cruise all year long and they get to tag along and no need to pay for anything! SUPER BLESSED! :) 

Such fun times he's gonna have on board. And during his trip, there will be no line whatsoever. So, it's total freedom/torture for the whole week next week. Actually, not so bad la. 

Oh oh speaking of line and communication! There were so many times when I actually forgot where my phone was and when somebody I know took it and kept fo me, I actually felt sad. HAHA. I ACTUALLY WANT MY HANDPHONE TO BE LOST AND NEVER FOUND! Yeah, so that I have a valid reason to get my Q10. Super downz la. 

The time will come when I can finally hold my baby in the palm of my hands :) One day..

I will eat my Kit Kat now and re-stock them tonight.