27 August 2013

That Cycling Weekend.

I have no idea how many times I have gone cycling around the heritage areas, ever since it became the Penang-must-do-things. Probably three or four times. This time different though since we decided to go cycle when the sun is up and shinning. And honestly, I kinda prefer this one to the night cycling one. Maybe because this time, we rented BETTER and NICER LOOKING bicycles from much FRIENDLIER owners, compared to Red Inn. Blehh. And they even have couple of bikes and bring-your-kids-bikes.

Photos are all taken with the ever-so-clear-iPhone 5 and they are in random orders because it's still too early in the morning and I'm feeling a little lazy to put them nicely and add captions to it. A moment like these, I treasure much. 

We need to have more of these outings on weekends or public holidays. Here's to hoping that the next one would be Gua Tempurung. AND ANYONE CAN JOIN US! Please just come and tell me that you want to go too! Don't feel like, "Aiyo, they never invite me" and "I don't want self-invite" all. 


I bet there are so many of you, have never been to Gua Tempurung. I DO HOPE THAT YOU HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE! :)