17 August 2013

Bitter-Sweet End.

Really last game d.

 Chapter really close d. 

No big drama and hoohaa all, but well, I've learnt so much in these few years that other things in life never kinda really teach/show. One last game. Campus Gives Back. A charity event. Why not right? 

I've always been given the blessing to just kinda end things well in my own expectation. I'm not sure if you can really understand what I mean.

You see, when I ended my Starbucks Chapter after working as a part-time barista for two years at a different span of time (6 months at two different place separately), my last day at New World Park's branch was amazing! The last cup of coffee I made that night was a Venti Latte for an elderly Caucasian woman. It was perfect. Perfect two shots of espresso. Perfect skimmed milk with no bubbles. Perfect visual of the end product. I was amazed. That's why I can still remember it. IT WAS THE BEST COFFEE I'VE MADE, in visual terms la :)

And this time, it felt good that I actually get to score two goals. Two goals into that mini blue thing. Haha. Yeah, two isn't a lot. But two was at least something for me, considering that I have been so lousy in playing floorball lately. It felt good. It felt perfect. We won third place and that is something for me. Still got medal, not bad heh. 

Bitter-sweet feeling to close this one. If it's not for floorball, I would not have pushed myself further than what I thought my limit was. Mental strength that I've gained. So many new friends I've met. The love (at times) to run and sweat. To have met the best friend. To have seen how Christ have been glorified.

Though me no more playing, me is gonna still watch for sure. I still enjoy watching floorball matches every now and then. Actually that's how I came to like it, when I was watching the games at Dalat long time ago :)

So yeah. Story of my life continues. Now I have a new ongoing hobby :) Loving it every single time. Genesis twenty nine now :)

Goodnight guys.