22 August 2013

Haagen Daaz.

What's up with weird expensive cravings these days? I also don't really know why I need to blog about them. I guess somehow its therapeutic. Either that, or it helps in making it go away. Or trying to hint Koay about it. Wait, definitely not the last reason. We don't work that way. We don't do subtle messages. I want something, I tell staright. How he respond to it, that's another story. Vice versa heh.

I want it so badlythat I went to their website and see what to order if we go tonight. IF. Since it's Koay's mom's birthday tonight, I could treat them to a nice warm chocolate-y fondue for dessert.

You can always have what you want to eat no matter what occasion it is. If got no occasion, then make something up for it. I have a few for tonight actually if it's just a normal night. First, Sha Lynn took her two jabs this morning and doctor said her development for a four months old baby is pretty advanced. Second, Koay finally came back and we should have something sweet like fondue. Third, it's been so long since I last have fondue. See! All has their own reasons to have this night celebrated! Haha :) Oh, and to support it all, Belisa Row is like so close to home! Or Baskin Robbin's ice cream is too sweet and they don't have fondue like this. Whatever it takes, we shall all have fondue tonight. *fingers crossed*

Oh ya. My previous craving for macarons was fulfilled last night. Gurney Plaza's lower ground floor. Just behind Boost. NOT NICE AT ALL. There is no chewy chewy feeling in the middle. RM4.50 for one. Bleh. No good, but it was satisfying that that craving is done deal :)