14 August 2013

One Year Five Days.

Speak of CRAZY and FAST.

I can never be able to grasp how long short it has been since I started this Work Chapter. The flashback photos of when I sat at this desk and slowly starting to fill the things on the table are still very fresh and unreal.

I am tied to a two-year contract and I'm halfway there. No matter how long I have been working, it's still difficult to let it sink that this is what LIFE is gonna be (partly) since a year ago. No more college-party-watch movie anytime anymore. It's all gonna be work and earn money, whether working for other people or doing own business.

I am thankful for the experience I've gained over this one year. It's been fun and exciting. At the same time, I'm really thankful that I've been given the chance to join in so many projects and travel fairs.

Not to also mention, the FREE All-Inclusive-Holiday that I was given. Club Med Cherating is one of the most amazing holidays I've ever been to. The food, the people, the deluxe room, the activities, the place. All are very good. And we even got to join them celebrating some event (I can't remember whether it was for Christmas or New Year's Eve or something) and watched fireworks from like the VIP place, sort of. Open-air party in the garden just beside the beach. AMAZING!

Will I go back to Club Med Cherating again? No. Because I want to go the other Club Meds in the world. Gotta try new things right? Oh yeah, Club Med Cherating is the FIRST Club Med property built in the whole of South-East Asia. Cool heh?

Club med Phuket is my next target, I think. Fingers all crossed and prayers prayed. Hopefully, the next time I go, it would be with a bunch of good friends and family :) Ahhh, all the fruit juices and finger-licking food to be indulged in. Oooh. Hopes are high, so what? Keep hoping la :)

Entering into my second year makes me more confident people in the things I do. Definitely enjoy meeting people, in large or small companies. Okla, don't really want to go so much in details on things like that. There are obviously bumps on the way and how I hated starting work on Mondays. That sucks, just for anybody. So, it's like everyone's-problem-on-Mondays. CONFIRM!

Good news for everyone. It's finally Wednesday! Two more days to weekends! Weird, but somehow I'm not looking forward to this week's weekend. Hmmmph.


See you all there :)