28 February 2014


Boys, if you can't find anything else to be thankful of for the day, BE GRATEFUL that you don't experience menstrual cramps once every month.

I used to be tortured once every month by this stupid cramps. Not mild one mind you. I would call them severe kind of pain because not only do I need to curl myself up on the bed for a good 30-40 minutes, I had to let out mild screams. Mild painful screams. To one point, I had to put hot boiling water into a glass bottle and put the bottle on my tummy/womb area. 

You know why? 

The pain of the hot water burning my skin is even more tolerable than the cramps itself. Just imagine that. Seriously imagine that. I was also told that giving birth is ten times worse. The cramps only go away after I swallow the bitter melted panadol. That also doesn't work its magic like instantly. By the time the pain is gone, there is absolutely no more energy left in the physical body. Once, I was sweating so much because of the intense pain and constant rolling on the bed, my sweat started dripping to the floor. I ended up having my head hanging by the bed.

Now, it isn't that bad already. I don't have to curl on the bed or burn my skin with hot water just to let the cramps go away. It becomes more bearable now.

So boys, serious. If you really don't know what to be thankful of, bear this in mind. It's probably like the pain you feel when you are kicked right there and having to go through them every month :)

Other than cramps, my mood swings pretty randomly, both in good ways and bad? Oh, and this is the only time I lose my appetite. I can go whole day without eating anything. Of course I will feel hungry but it's like I just force myself to swallow. The only time I lose some fats.

One thing that girls have in common. I have a friend who was born without a womb and the whole biological set that comes with it. So, that means she doesn't have period and she won't be able to have her own baby too. It's quite sad really. 

I'm just going to remain thankful for all this. Plus, Koay is super nice when I have these cramps. Super nice. LOVE IT! :)