17 February 2014

The Journey With Family.

It's a very rare occasion when mom is the one who suggested watching a movie in the cinema.


She doesn't like going to cinema in general. I think in one year, she probably goes like one or two times only. 

So, this time she wanted to watch The Journey with the whole family and watching the movie in the cinema we did. The actual plan was with the Shas too, but because there were very limited and front seat tickets left for the evening show, we opted for the 10:20pm one and since we have got a baby who gets cranky after 10-11pm, the Shas did not join us this time. Boohoo.

So, we planned a whole evening with the Shas until our movie time. We had yummy choo-char for dinner. A peaceful one because now Sha Lynn knows how to sit quietly at her baby chair and munch on her apple favored soft cookies.

Then, we went back home and played mahjong. The parents didn't play because there were already five of us taking turns. The biggest loser have to swap of course. It's always nice playing mahjong for fun, especially with our next door neighbour :) Literally, door next to each other. Haha.

Our super not healthy supper. I don't remember anytime that I don't buy food while watching a movie in the cinema. Always sure must have something to munch. Always.

Family is number two because God is number one
God will forever be the center of our lives :)

Sneakily take a photo in the cinema, check.

I remembered feeling so sleepy when the movie ended at 12:10am. Only hit the bed at 1:00am. Gahhh. I miss watching midnight movies but.. maybe now I prefer non-midnight ones. Hah.

Such a fun evening/night spent with them :)