25 February 2014

One Of Those Days.

We went over to Dream Catcher office in the morning to give the bags and just a quick briefing on the Korea trip, that's happening in NINE DAYS! NINE DAYS!

Everyone straight no mood to work okay. So difficult to focus on work now because it's like so near d you know. Nine days. 

I hope the nine days come quick and the 5D3N in Korea will be slow and nice. 

Right now, I don't really feel like I want to blog about anything also. I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE WINTER WONDERLAND!

I think if I can point out a down-part to this trip is the preparation to face the winter season. I don't think packing will be a problem because my colleague has got those vacuum-bag thing. The winter coat.. You know there's always some of the things in life that you just gotta own it by yourself eh.. 

Like a house.. a luggage bag (which I already got!).. A winter coat.. an iguana.. 

The thing is getting one winter coat here cost a bomb to the pocket. I'm thinking of maybe getting one when I'm at Korea since their winter season is ending in March and for sure got sales or something.. 

So now, I'm just borrowing from people. Hopefully can find one that isn't too puffy and IS NOT PINK! 

Fingers crossed. Prayer prayed.

Yes.. I actually pray for little things like that. Even before I cut my hair, I pray. After cut, also pray. Hahaha. 

Oh dear Korea, please don't be too cold.