06 February 2014

That Birthday Gift.

As I grow older, I find it less exciting to celebrate the day I was born. 

After hitting the big two five last year, I feel even more reluctant to welcome that day to come. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful (super!) that I was born and my life is as how God would have want it. I just didn't like the idea of me getting a year older and before I realize it, it's going to be my 30th birthday. That would be a real nightmare.

I'm thankful that I look way younger than my age. It's a gift not everybody has :)

I remembered when I was growing up, most girls always tend to wear/look older than they do, but never for my case. I think even now, if I have a choice to dress like a young girl, I definitely would. 

Anyways, it's like what.. like four more days to my birthday and I feel normal. No hoohaa inside whatsoever.

Then, few days ago, he skyped me and asked that I take a day off on my birthday, which is a Monday (yay! no monday bluess!) and I did, though I didn't wanna like "celebrate" my birthday. 

Then, today, he surprised me with the birthday gift. Definitely not those typical kind of gifts you give to a girl. Actually, he tried to surprise me lah. He tried. Hahaha. 

I love the gift, hun.

Can't wait to use it on Monday :)