21 February 2014

Curry Mee Party in Office.

Friday is the best day in weekdays. The most waited for. The fun-nest. The favorite. 

For my company, there's two sessions of lunch break. The 12pm and 1pm break. Mine is at 1pm. 

The 1pm bunch decided to have curry mee feast in the office. Not just any curry mee. They specifically cooks the everyone's-talking-about-it-curry-mee! Of course with so many married women with children working in the same office, it is a sure thing that the curry mee sure comes with a lot of "liau"! *slurps*

It's finger licking good okay. We started cooking at 1pm and only able to eat at 1:30pm. Twelve people. Twelve very hungry people. It was quite fun la actually.

You can see a lot of personality in the kitchen. All with their own ideas of making the soup better or how you want to cook the taugeh quicker or if the soup was too much. Noises everywhere. Definitely a noisy loud fun lunch. 

Then another colleague bought a whole watermelon and that was quite a dessert. Too bad I hate fruits. Days like this, I look forward to. 

Six more months and it'll be my two years with this company already. Crazy how time goes by.